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Special design LG B2B large screen display.   TECHNOLOGY WITH A TWIST!   


Location Based Content

Moving from un-aware to location aware content delivery.   LOCATION BASED CONTENT MESSAGE DELIVERY

Troades on Hybrid Electronic Signage

Welcome to the Hybride ELectronic Signage website. Here we want to trigger your imagination when thinking about marketing communication.

The shift from so called broad cast media via narrow cast channel to single cast opportunities is getting momentum - slowly. Most of our marketeers still live in the world of 'one message for all, whenever - wherever'. Electronic Signage Technology is now offering us new ways to reach our (Captive) Audiences all over the world. Best to know who is looking for what - when and where.

Next to sound & vision, scent is an underestimated effective medium to reach out and create experiences. From un-aware marketing-mix budget spending (unfocussed, in-effectieve and most of all - in-efficient) via Location-aware cross media usage to one-to-one communication, the ultimate marketeers dream.

The Elevator Group has both the experience and case study references that is the foundation for your re-focus opportunity - let's have a look at the first (small) step that we can define together increasing your marketing budget effectiveness while reducing the overall spending. Knowing your audience will set you apart from competition - the benefits will be the results of re-organizing marketing and PR activities in your organisation - top down.

Contact us for an X-ray analysis and blue-print of the way we see your team working more focussed on the only relevant goal - a happy audience!



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